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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kidzania Jakarta

KIDZANIA is a unique EDUTAINMENT CENTER for children between 1 to 13 years old and their parents.

It is a kid-sized replica of a real city, with streets, buildings, retail and different vehicles going around the City.

Here, children play adult roles and they learn how to be a doctor, a pilot, a construction worker, a private detective, an archeologist, an F1 driver and over 100 other PROFESSIONS and OCCUPATIONS.

There is a replica of the MOST REPRESENTATIVE BUILDINGS IN A CITY such as Hospital, Supermarket, Beauty Salon, Theatre, Industrial sites, and many more. (See “City Tour”).

KIDZANIA is a SAFE, INTERACTIVE and HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL center where kids wear the uniform and perform the role they are playing. Led by HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEAM, they learn the complexities of the adult world, and learn the value of money, just as in real life.

In KIDZANIA, kids use our official currency KIDZOS. Here, children learn to appreciate the value of money, by performing over 100 professions and occupations and EARN a salary. Their salaries earned, can then be used to BUY goods and services available in KIDZANIA

KIDZANIA is an indoor facility, located in 6th floor of Pacific Place Shopping Mall, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53, SCBD Complex, Jakarta 12910


Kidzania’s history starts like all great stories do, with idealistic passion and an unwavering spirit that was stimulated by a communal desire to create something better. The kids decided to create a nation filled with abundant opportunities, where kids could assert themselves and be responsible. And this was a world where kids could think and act independently from adults.
What the kids envisioned was a real world made perfect which ultimately made it “the place” where kids wanted to be, KIDZANIA was born.

Rights Are Defined

Making the world a better place was a grand idea for sure, but the kids know it was also the road to self-empowering. It would free and empower them to exercise their rights.

These are the fundamental rights:

- To Be: the power to be self-determining, unique and free;
- To Know: the capacity to be experimental when educating oneself
- To Care: the responsibility to be supportive and proactive
- To Play: the ability to be playful and participatory in life.

These are rights fundamental to their beliefs and unifies in principle and purpose that were their guide towards achieving happiness.

The first KIDZANIA was founded on September 1st, 1999 at Santa Fe in Mexico City. The day the city opened in Santa Fe, thousands of children came and quickly embraced the city as their own.

Started from a simple philosophy, KIDZANIA has now become an international city when it was recently opened in Tokyo Japan on October 2006. Children from all parts of Japan flocked the city everyday to exercise their rights of “To Be”, “To Care”, “To Know” and “To Play” in an ideal environment.

Constructions of new KIDZANIA cities are now taking place in Jakarta, Indonesia; Dubai, UAE; Osaka, Japan; and Lisbon, Portugal to create the perfect world for children all over the world.

Hours Of Operation
KIDZANIA operating hours are as follows:

Mondays - Fridays:
Shift 1 : 9am - 2pm
Shift 2 : 3pm - 8pm
Saturdays, Sundays dan Public Holidays:

Shift 1: 10am - 15pm
Shift 2: 4pm - 9pm


For your convenience during your visit to KIDZANIA we offer the following services:

Food & Beverage
There are a total of 10 food service outlets within KIDZANIA comprised of:
- Coffee Shop
- Snack Shop
- Parents Lounge
- Pushcarts (Kaki Lima): To resemble a real city, there are a total of 7 pushcarts (kaki lima) located in various points inside KIDZANIA complex selling various types of food and beverages, such as: Ice Cream Stand, Juice Stand, Popcorn Stand, and many more

Take the KIDZANIA experience home!

KIDZANIA souvenir shop (Duty Free Shop) is located at the exit. Here you can purchase, with Rupiah, a wide variety of fun and educational products such as interactive and role playing toys, dolls, costumes, books, music, gifts, school items and many other interesting souvenirs.

All products sold the store feature KIDZANIA’s branding images as well as our characters: URBANO, VITA AND BUMP

Professional street photographers will follow the kids along their activities to GET THE PERFECT PICTURES.

You can see the pictures on the screens at the Photo Lab, strategically located at the exit of the park, and if you like them YOU CAN BUY THEM and choose from a variety of print sizes and formats.

Parents Lounge
Adults can also play like grown ups. We have an EXCLUSIVE Parents’ Lounge for adults with three areas to rest and enjoy different services:

- ENTERTAINMENT AREA (HOME THEATRE) choose from a variety of programs including films, national and international shows or sports; BOARD GAMES are available, too.
- READING AREA: Free magazines for your reading pleasure or you can bring your own books.
- INTERACTIVE AREA: 20 computers equipped with FREE INTERNET ACCESS to surf the web or catch up on your email.

Here you will be able to taste a great selection of FOOD and BEVERAGES (hot and cold). Children are not encouraged to enter the PARENTS’ LOUNGE; if a child looks for you, we will page you or a hostess will notify you personally.

Birthday Party Rooms
There are THEMED ROOMS to celebrate PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES, where we offer you a complete array of food, entertainment, gifts and birthday cake services for your birthday party, and lots of surprises.

Learn more about this service or make a reservation in the Birthday Party Room section

School Groups
Due to its HIGHLY EDUCATIONAL CONTENT, which is especially developed to meet the NEEDS OF EACH SCHOOL GRADE, KIDZANIA is the perfect place for school visits and field trips. Learn more about services offered to schools or reserve a SCHEDULED VISIT at the SCHOOLS section of this web page.

Private Events
Adult can also play as children and have lots of fun! Our facilities are available for rent at night on school days: Monday to Friday from 7:30pm to 11:00pm for PRIVATE EVENTS.

KIDZANIA is the perfect place for PRODUCT LAUNCHING events,or to share a special moments with your EMPLOYEES, SUPPLIERS or CUSTOMERS and their families.

You can rent a SMALL CONTROLLED ACCESS ROOM like the Theatre, Discotheque or Parents Room, or the ENTIRE CITY.

Learn more about this service in the PRIVATE EVENTS section

First Aid Rooms
Located on the first floor behind the Theatre, the emergency room is run by HIGHLY QUALIFIED AND TRAINED PARAMEDICS and NURSES, capable of attending any emergency.

Information counter
There are several INTRACTIVE INFORMATION MODULES at the entrance of KIDZANIA. Here you will find a description of what KIDZANIA has to offer: an information video of the facilities, general information and the different activity programs.

For more information, you can also ask any of our employees; all of them are trained and qualified to answer all of your questions.

Or CALL 7918 4241 during business hours to get information of our operating ours, ticket prices and services. You can also continue exploring to find the information you need.

Customer Service (Group/Event Liaison)
Stationed on the mezzanine floor, our friendly Customer Service Officers are available to assist your requests regarding school group visits, birthday parties, and private events.

Our Customer Service Officers would be happy to answer all inquiries regarding KIDZANIA, and handle any complaints that may arise during your visits.

If you are carrying bulky personal items or you want to store your shopping bags, we offer STORAGE service.

Simply hand over your packages at the AIRPORT COUNTERS and get a numbered ticket to pick them up at the exit, located underneath the plane.

We remind you that WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for objects left for safekeeping at the Package Storage.

Lost and Found
Lost objects can be claimed at the IMMIGRATION AREA located near the exit.

Here you can also return any object found inside KIDZANIA.

Missing Parents and Children
KIDZANIA is a very big “city”. If you lose your parents or kids, you can approach any of our employee and they will help you find them quickly. And remember, all of our visitors are very safe in the City because both children and their parents must wear our security bracelets, which have been programmed to transmit the same radio frequency for each family group. Only parents whose bracelets have the same radio frequency as their kids’ that are allowed to pick up the child at the exit. Visit the “Security” section.

Prayer room/Musholla
For your convenience, you can have your prayers in Musholla inside Pacific Place Mall.
BCA ATMs are located next to the information counter at the entrance.

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